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‘Alternative investment’ company Alexander Money tasks PushOn with its branding and digital delivery


Alexander Money, which styles itself as a new ‘alternative investment’ company, has awarded PushOn a three year contract valued at over £100,000 pa, to develop its branding and manage its digital delivery and marketing.

Specifically, PushON will be oversee the company’s web development, conversion rate optimisation, SEO, PPC and its social media. The web site is expected to go live later this month but the first stages of the branding and factual details can be seen on the holding page.

Alexander Money is not an FSA regulated company.

piggyIt generates its revenue as an independent marketing website which acts as an introducer to companies who offer specialist pension solutions. The company has been established in Manchester by the managing director Andrew Montgomery who has interests in existing financial advisory companies based in the UK.

Montgomery has launched Alexander Money he says as a commercial response to the current era of low interest rates which is “markedly reducing investment yields on savings and pensions,  meaning that many face an economically uncertain future.”

A solution believes Montgomery now lies in his new operation which will offer access to a wide range of alternative investments, primarily in the commercial property sector, via a variety investment opportunities spanning hotels through to car parks.

Montgomery added: “Low interest rates are a ticking time bomb for pensions and savers. We have created the business to make sure that everyone can access alternative investments and benefit from good yields so they can safeguard their future.

“It is difficult for the average consumer to access alternative investments and pensions, so we want to bring this offering to the widest audience possible. Our marketing and digital teams are creating a web presence and online campaign which will push Alexander Money as a genuine alternative to the stagnant choice of investments which are currently on the market.”

As they say in the City, perhaps not a site for widows and orphans…

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