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Aldi mocks Morrisons with ‘Charge More and Refund’ campaign


Aldi has taken a swipe at rival Morrisons with a print ad campaign mocking its Match & More loyalty card.

The Bradford-based retailer launched its new card earlier this month, becoming the first of the big UK supermarkets to price-match Aldi and Lidl.

Aldi's mocking ad Aldi’s mocking ad

One ad, created by its agency McCann, uses a mocked-up image of the card alongside the words, “Morrisons Match & More? More like charge more and refund”.

A second ad features a mock-up of the card with the words “charge more and refund” in the style of the logo. The message below reads: “We believe Morrisons’ loyalty scheme could have been given a name that actually explains what it offers. Just a thought. We don’t price match. We price lead.”

Lidl took a similarly mocking line with the supermarket last month, running a full-page print ad comparing the cost of shopping with it to claiming back the cost of a Morrisons shop through loyalty points.

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