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26 prepares for cookie-free future with InfoSum partnership

Leeds-based media and digital experience agency, 26, has announced a strategic partnership with the world’s leading data collaboration platform, InfoSum, to mobilise first-party data strategies for brands in a cookieless world.

As Google Chrome prepares to join Firefox and Safari in eliminating third-party cookies by the end of 2024, brands must find new ways to deliver better customer experiences and drive marketing effectiveness in a world where privacy is paramount.

26 is partnering with InfoSum to utilise the world’s first fully secure ‘data-clean room’ to deliver fast and effective first-party data collaboration for its clients.

The technology enables safe and secure connections between businesses to unlock collective potential from their customer data – including customer identity resolution, audience enrichment, marketing activation via exclusive partners such as ITV and Channel 4, and measurement.

Alex Blaikley, commercial director at 26 said: “The future of advertising is digital, and the future of digital advertising is personalisation and effectiveness. Data-clean rooms will undoubtedly provide the next phase of growth. With InfoSum’s unparalleled technology coupled with our in-house data capabilities, we’re excited to help our clients activate their first-party data strategies across their digital ecosystems.”

Sunil Modha, director of enterprise sales at InfoSum added: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid and impressive adoption of data-clean rooms by agencies. This trend emphasises the critical role agencies play within the ecosystem to support brands leveraging their first-party data in a privacy-safe environment. We’re thrilled to partner with 26 to unlock growth opportunities and drive performance for 26’s clients through privacy-first data collaboration.”

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