The power of podcasting: Repurpose the format to sit at the heart of your marketing strategy

Alexandra Balazs's picture
by Alexandra Balazs

Broadcasting specialist and leader of the Podcasting for Business training course taking place next month, Kate Cocker, shares how you can turn podcasting content into a consolidated marketing strategy.

In today's video she shows you that podcasting really can be the central point of your marketing - because of the power of content. The ability to repurpose will mean your content can spread everywhere, regardless of format.

You can choose to distribute small soundbites from the finished podcast as a way to show off your expertise or values utilising social media, for example - or you can put the whole thing into words as thought leadership on your blog.

Cocker gives a variety of ways in which podcasting can become the "mothership of your content marketing". Watch the video now to hear them all.

If you want to learn even more about the benefits of podcasting, and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, sign up for the next Podcasting for Business session on Thursday, February 13th.