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Is your company lost within its own IT Jungle?


Andrew Morgan, Co-founder of HardSoft Computers, has always been perplexed by the oddities of IT decision-making during his 35 years of experience in the sector. He explains how to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and lost in the corporate IT jungle.

Central to nearly all business systems is your IT system, but this is often thought about separately from the business objectives, built on an ad hoc basis and managed in a piecemeal way. It becomes like a jungle path – not the information superhighway!

Business processes should be designed for your business goals. Not simply reflecting the processes themselves – what is right for one business may be wrong for another, even in the same category. 

Andrew Morgan, HardSoft
Andrew Morgan, HardSoft Computers

Often there is a mantra – ‘never let the system go down’ – but the sticking plasters needed to do that might mean you force a shutdown by mistake, and at the worst time! These can be built over time by different people under slightly different objectives, ones that are changed as you grow and your business changes.

Risks are downplayed as you put in a quick fix today and forget to look at the main issues tomorrow.

Real-life scenarios

WannaCry Ransomware was a viral attack led primarily via phishing scams. The NHS’s IT infrastructure was recently hit by an entirely preventable attack. The severity of the issue and the lack of fixes available to them was due in part to their IT systems leaning so heavily on the then-unsupported Windows operating system, XP. 

These security oversights in the IT we use are commonplace. For example – did you know Windows 7 is soon to be unsupported? As of January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer receive regular updates, and in the same vein as Windows XP it will as of next January be susceptible to new exploitations, viruses and hackers, with no future fixes on the horizon from Microsoft. 

We already use professional third-party services to better understand our needs for business today and to engage with the future proactively. IT is no different. These are the sort of things that you might not notice because you are not up-to-date with current IT thinking. You’re too busy to know that your staff’s computers are running slowly. 

IT systems, when outsourced to professionals, get your business ahead of tech developments – managed with your future and present goals in mind. 

Things are changing quickly for business owners

A business owner’s responsibility is to challenge those professionals to engage with our business & ensure the system works for your processes and your objectives. The technology that is involved in IT systems that companies use is growing more and more advanced and it can be quite hard to understand if you are not technologically minded. 

Devices for Teams, HardSoft

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A lot of people think that it works out cheaper for their company to have a self-managed IT system – however, this is often proven to be a false economy. 

An IT system designed and maintained for your business by a professional third party equips you with the power of knowledge, and secures your business against unforeseen problems. How much would it cost if your business was stopped for a day? 

With the experience and oversight of an IT professional, they will be able to find and often redefine an IT solution for your company to make sure that your system is truly your system – running efficiently, proactively and securely, always headed towards the goals you want to achieve. 

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