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The Wrap: Lee Holdsworth, founder of WhiteNoise Media


Each Friday in The Wrap, one of the North’s leading media and creative figures will be giving us their take on the news covered by Prolific North over the last seven days.

This week it’s Lee Holdsworth, founder and director of WhiteNoise Media.

Something that always makes businesses proud up here is seeing other local businesses taking the reigns in national leader tables. Creative England’s Future Leaders and top 50 companies list was infiltrated by the North West, with more of us on there than any other region.

There’s still the preconception that London is the place to be if you want something cutting-edge, but I disagree. I think the creative community in the North is something special and cohesive, and stories like this really cement the fact that the North is a credible powerhouse.

A Week In My Life: Craig Noonan, Head of Retail PR for the Co-opFollowing on from this is the story that our very own Manchester Evening News beat the London Evening Standard as the country’s biggest regional press website. With over 650,000 daily unique browsers, it’s reassuring to see that Mancunians are still interested in what’s happening around us in a world where it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with trivial information and our smartphones.

I was proud to see Shoot The Moon in the news, working with MediaCom on Hitachi Personal Finance’s biggest campaign to date. We have partnered with Shoot The Moon on various projects now, and it’s great to see a Manchester-based creative outfit working with one of the biggest media agencies in the UK – especially on a campaign based in major London stations. Shoot The Moon produce some incredible work, so I’m glad they’re proving that imagination can come from outside the capital.

One of the most exciting stories on Prolific North this week is film producer Joanna Natasegara winning an Oscar for documentary short ‘The White Helmets’.

When I founded WhiteNoise Media I went straight in for the big clients, so it’s in my nature to dream big. We all want a BAFTA, we all want an Oscar, even when we humbly pretend otherwise. So seeing a fellow northerner not just nominated but WINNING one of the world’s most iconic acknowledgments of success in the film world – this not only shows that Manchester is capable of producing some of the finest filmmakers out there, but it also proves that nothing is impossible.

Joanna Natasegara went to Withington Girls School. This is a 10-minute drive from where our office is based, and walking distance from most of the student houses around the city. For a woman who has grown up so close to the future generation of Manchester to be up there as one of the only British winners at The Oscars, it’s something that can really inspire creatives living right here, and confirms that Manchester – and the North generally – is conceiving, cultivating and executing original and innovative commentaries that are engaging with people globally.

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