UKFast ignores London to invest in Scotland

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UKFast is to open a new office in Glasgow, with plans to make Scotland "a more viable location for financial and legal firms.”

Lawrence Jones, CEO of the Manchester-based hosting and colocation company, admitted that choosing Glasgow over London had caused eyebrows to be raised:

“People have questioned such a move with the referendum less than a year away but, whether Scotland becomes independent or not, it will always be a huge part of global and British business,” he explained.

“This is why we have chosen to expand North before even considering going South to London – we’re moving up!”

Situated in the centre of Glasgow, the new office currently has 5 staff, with more to follow shortly.

The decision follows the launch of Scotland’s dedicated internet exchange point, IX Scotland, which forms part of a larger plan to turn the country into a “digital nation” by 2020.

“As Scotland focuses more on its digital future and future-proofing its infrastructure, there is a clear gap in the market for us to help businesses in the country to grow,” added Jones.

“We want to be at the forefront of Scotland’s digital revolution.”

UKFast also has plans to build a number of data centres in the country.


NB: Eagle-eyed Prolific North readers have spotted that the main number on the UKFast site for sales and Tech support begins "0208" (i.e. London). However, we have been told that this redirects to Manchester and isn't a "secret London office" although the spokesperson wasn't able to explain why they have a London number in the first place...