BBC's Inside Out exposes Yorkshire card scammers

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imgres-12 BBC One’s Inside Out returns next week with an exposé on chip and pin criminal gang which has been operating in Yorkshire.

The programme will be shown on Monday 1 September at 7.30pm and starts a new series of programmes featuring surprising real-life stories, local news and hard-hitting current affairs.

The first episode will feature an in-depth undercover investigation into a criminal gang who use specially-adapted chip and pin machines to empty the bank accounts of unsuspecting consumers in Yorkshire and other parts of the country where the gang operated.

Posing as a restaurant owner, Inside Out West Midlands reporter Jonathan Gibson went undercover to gain the gang’s trust before being supplied with two of the machines it uses to collect people’s bank card and PIN numbers.

Pretending they were his customers’ cards, he used pay as you go debit cards to test the machines then watched as the gang downloaded the information to clone the cards which it emptied in the Philippines. Proof in hand, he set out on a worldwide search to track the gang down, leading him to an address in Canada and a doorstep confrontation.

In other regions the series kicks off with an investigation into sugar. Reporters, contributors and presenters take on the challenge to reduce the amount of sugar they eat, examine the health consequences of excessive sugar consumption and discover hidden sources of sugar in seemingly “healthy” food.

Inside Out South presenter Jon Cuthill examines the nation’s love affair with sugar and the effect it’s having on our health. He will be talking to experts at Reading University about how his brain reacts - not just to eating sugar, but also to the mere prospect of sweet food. Inside Out North West will be challenging BBC Radio Merseyside presenter Roger Phillips to stick to World Health Organisation guidelines on sugar intake for over a month.

BBC Newcastle’s Breakfast Show presenter Charlie Charlton will be explaining how she found going sugar free for the summer for Inside Out North East & Cumbria.

David Holdsworth, Controller, BBC English Regions said, ‘With local news and hard-hitting current affairs alongside investigations and exclusive interviews, the new series of Inside Out will feature some of the BBC’s very best original local journalism. Our presenters across the country are a mix of people from different backgrounds, who are unafraid to ask difficult questions of people in power and get to the heart of regional issues that affect our audiences.’

Inside Out will run for the next nine weeks across England and has eleven variations, one for each English Region.

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