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About Tall

We’re a digital brand experience agency. We’ve spent years creating digital experiences to help brands get close to their audiences. And stay close to them. We’d love to help you too.

We keep a small, tight-knit team of full-timers and a big network of partners we trust. It means we don’t get distracted by the trappings of growth and you get exactly the right people you need.

Is there another way? We think so. In fact, it’s a question we always ask.

We use Gravity®, this is our process for setting a commercial and creative centre of gravity for your business.

Gravity® goes far deeper than the usual agency briefing process. It brings your people and our people together and extracts the insight and strategic thinking needed to achieve great things.

It pulls everything together.


Meet the Team

Guy Utley
Creative Director
Behrooz Saeed
Andy Beckwith
Head of Design
Lucy Evans
Head of Client Services
Daniel Maw
Head of Operations
Georgia Headshot WhiteBG
Georgia Robson
Account Director
Emily Long
Account Manager
Irena Ban
Studio Manager
Project Manager
Joe Thornton
Senior Digital Designer
Senior Digital Designer
Millie Headshot B&W
Millie Graham
Digital Designer
Andrew Larking - Head of Digital Design
LEGO Group
Working with an agency can sometimes be difficult. It doesn’t always work out. They don’t always make the necessary effort to understand your needs. Working with Guy and Tall is nothing like that. They get under the skin of the project/product/thing you need them to work on. They take the time to understand the complexities and subtleties. They don’t pretend they know your business better than you. They don’t half deliver then make excuses. They hit deadlines, to budget, and always to high quality.
Jacqui Weston
Gravity was one of the key drivers for choosing Tall. They were the only agency to give us clarity on how they would approach the discovery phase of the project and they didn't disappoint. The session was insightful and gave us the detail to ensure that the new site had the direction to achieve our objectives.
Lee Thawley
Our brand is very bold, confident and works brilliantly offline. However, when it came to its digital presence, it had become open to interpretation. It was really important that we protected the equity that the brand was building, but evolved it to work across a broad spectrum of digital platforms in the same bold and confident way. Tall's work has been exceptional, getting to really understand us, our world and the challenges we faced. They were also very respectful of our current brand, developing a set of digital guidelines and assets that we can now confidently use in-house to help further build our evolving brand.
Vassilis Paradissis
At the FEI we are very passionate about our sport and working with Tall has allowed us to create an identity which respects the rich tradition and heritage of our sport while continuing to refresh and modernize how we connect with millions of equestrian fans around the world.
Nick Gander
We're delighted to be working with Tall who have a proven track record in this field. It's great that they're working across the group, making sure that we have a digital footprint at the heart of each of our brands.
Antony Whiteside
I found the Gravity workshop a really valuable method of gaining a customer perspective of how your product looks and fits in a competitive landscape. Going through the process highlights things we'd have never discussed.

Learn how we can move giants with our smarter Design Systems built on tokens.


Don't let your brand fade in the digital world.


Our process for setting a commercial and creative centre of gravity for your business. It pulls everything together.

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