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World-first as Hull makes beer smart

Two Hull companies have joined forces to create, what they believe is, the world’s first Smart Beer Pump.

Smart RFID tech specialist, Veribli has been working with local brewer, Atom Brewing Co to create the device.

It allows drinkers in pubs and bars to tap the pump clip (that’s the logo on the pump), with their mobile device and get detailed content about that beer, such as how it was produced and tasting notes.

“At Atom we like to focus on transparency, simplicity and education, we love the science and education behind brewing and sharing that with our customers in such an easy-to-use manner is something that we believe our drinkers will love,” said Atom’s Allan Rice.

They are hoping the Smart Beer Pump will help microbreweries to connect with customers who enjoy their beer in pubs and bars to engage with them and build a community around their beer. 

Furthermore, they’ll be able to get collect data to find out who their customers are; how they enjoy their beer; and take orders.

“We believe that the Smart Beer Pump technology we have created will allow smaller producers to compete against the big brands without the big brand marketing budgets,” explained Matt Houldsworth, CEO & Founder, Veribli.

“The engagement platform that backs up the Smart Technology within the pumps allows brands to engage with their customers and create communities around their unique offerings. This product is going to disrupt the market and allow the likes of Atom to play on the same stage as the big brands.”  

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