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Starship creates mobile Virtual Reality social network


Liverpool’s Starship has created a new Virtual Reality network, vTime, where users interact through a smartphone and VR headset.

The studio explained that it allows people to network with friends, or alone, to enjoy music, share images and “spherical media” in a number of virtual environments.

“vTime takes complex technology and makes it simple, beautiful and accessible,” explained Starship CEO Martin Kenwright.

“VR will be huge, but surely biggest of all on mobile where there’s a massive, pre-installed user base. Unlike console and PC headsets, the barrier to entry for mobile VR is low. People are already carrying the devices that will propel VR forward in their pockets. It’s not just for the early adopters, VR is for everybody, and vTime brings social VR to virtually everyone, from virtually anywhere on virtually any device.”

“vTimers” can personalise their experience by customising their avatar, creating friend lists and hosting virtual meet-ups. A search tool enables newcomers to expand their social circle by looking up interests and trending topics.

The free platform will launch its open alpha to Android users in November and it will be revealed to the media during Oculus Connect in LA next month.

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