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Northern Trains ‘Enjoy’ the journey

Northern Trains, the largest rail company in the North of England, has appointed Enjoy to help optimise conversion rates across its website, making the users’ digital journeys as quick and convenient as possible.

With the current project already seeing 14 per cent increase in revenue, the travel provider now hopes to continue this stream of success, targeting a 25 per cent increase in website revenue by the end of 2024. This would represent a 2,000 per cent ROI for Northern.

Through a variety of market research techniques, Enjoy aimed to uncover how and why customers purchase train tickets online, how Northern compares to other ticket providers and what improvements Northern could make to the user experience. Based on this research, the digital agency visualised new on-page components for Northern’s digital experience which were then presented to an online panel to pick their design preferences and provide general feedback.

Following the research, it was clear that Northern’s booking form was the key conversion point across its website. Enjoy then honed in on structure, styling and positioning. Tweaks to the form positioning generated particularly impressive results, especially across mobile devices, driving a 50 per cent increase in form starts and a 45 per cent increase in completions. In addition, Enjoy also boasted a 56 per cent experiment success rate, versus an industry average of 25-30 per cent, and a 17.7 per cent average KPI increase.

Sam I’Anson, senior digital marketing manager, said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Enjoy on our CRO journey. They’ve spent time getting to know our market and customers and created tests that have helped increase our conversions and improve our customers’ journeys. They build their tests based on data and user-tested evidence, which have given fruitful results for the Northern website. We’re really enjoying the partnership and looking forward to where the journey will take us.”

Si Muddell, growth director at Enjoy, added: “Our perfect idea of ‘partnership’ is one in which we can add genuine value and help drive success. One where there is mutual respect between everyone involved, and where suggestions, ideas, and challenges are welcomed, discussed, and acted upon. With Northern, we have all of these components in place, and it’s a real credit to everyone at their end and ours. The most exciting thing is it feels like we’re only just getting started.”

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