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No place like home for Audio Always, Fuzzy Duck, Dreams and Shelter

MediaCityUK-based Audio Always has crafted a special bedtime story for Dreams as part of the bed company’s partnership with Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity.

The story, titled A Place To Call Home, aims to shine a light on the realities of children living in temporary accommodation.

The story was crafted by Audio Always’ Becky Green and follows the true story of a family who experienced homelessness, and their time living in temporary accommodation. They wanted to share their story to help eradicate the stereotypes that surround those who find themselves experiencing homelessness.

Becky and the Audio Always team worked closely with the family and the Shelter team to tell the story with authenticity and warmth.

The story was produced as an audiobook by the Audio Always team, and is available on all major podcast platforms.

The audio production company also partnered with their MediaCity neighbour, Fuzzy Duck, to create an animated version of the story alongside a physical book that’s available, for free, in Dreams stores. Donations are encouraged to support Shelter.

Becky Green, Audio Always’ children’s audio producer, said: “It was an absolute privilege to spend time with a wonderful mother who shared her (and her family’s) own experience of homelessness. We worked with her to turn their journey into this special story, which we hope brings this campaign to a new audience and opens up conversations between families.”

Laura Murphy, senior content, social and consumer PR Manager at Dreams, added: “We were looking for a partner who could deliver with empathy, passion and creativity, and I’m delighted to say, Audio Always delivered exactly that. The team at Fuzzy Duck did a fantastic job translating the story into a book and animation that will facilitate family conversations on the impact of growing up in temporary accommodation.”

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