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Knowsley Safari Park’s new TVC continues a decade-old theme

Knowsley Safari Park TVC

Knowsley Safari Park’s latest TVC sees the popular Merseyside attraction continuing the Truly Wild Encounters branding it has developed alongside Manchester creative agency IF over the past decade.

The Truly Wild Encounters theme saw Knowsley and IF take what could have been a negative for would-be customers – the fact that there’s no guarantee you’ll see all the animals, and the ones you do see will be doing whatever they choose to – and turn it into a positive in that, just like a wild safari, the experience is unpredictable, and on the terms of the animals, not the visitor.

Truly Wild Encounters has informed not just Knowsley’s communications for the last decade-and-a-bit, but the evolution of the brand and attraction itself, from making clear that animal welfare, not visitor numbers is the park’s key priority to renaming “visitors” as “explorers.”

Christian James, IF’s MD and founder, said: “Knowsley Safari has been a dream client. I feel incredibly proud of what we have achieved together and it’s really something to look back at the brand idea and the communications and see that evolution right up to the new campaign which is out this week.”

Rachel Scott, head of marketing at Knowsley Safari Park, added: “Truly Wild Encounters is more than a brand idea. It informs everything that we do and has helped shaped Knowsley and the evolution of the safari. Our partnership with IF is everything you want from an agency client relationship – great ideas, backed up with outstanding client service.”

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Knowsley Safari Park’s Summer 2022 TVC

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