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Founder F*ck Ups event series returns for 2024

Founder F*ck Ups returns

Prolific North’s popular tech event series – Founder F*ck Ups – is back for another year with a fresh wave of tech founders set to share all the biggest lessons they’ve learnt in a honest and open forum.

Hosted in partnership with Praetura Ventures, the event will be returning to Manchester on 9 July at Bruntwood SciTech’s No.1 Circle Square with more raw, unfiltered honesty as a new panel of founders share their highs and lows of building a business.

At previous Founder F*ck Up events, founders have shared their favourite f*ck ups and biggest mistakes from accidental flashing on a video call while breastfeeding, alcohol-fuelled stories after golf, making a job offer to the wrong person and even new hires having brushes with the law.

Growing a business is tough and founders are too often given conflicting advice from those who’ve never actually grown a company, so the Founder F*ck Ups event series is all about bringing us back to reality with a strict ‘no bullsh*t’ and ‘no judgement’ rule, where you can enjoy some awkward stories to learn from.

We’ll be announcing some of the speakers joining the panel soon, so don’t miss out and secure your tickets to the event here.

There are opportunities to become an event partner and sponsor the event, if you’d like more information please get in touch with the team via

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