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Founder F*ckups

Join us for an honest and open discussion with leading founders who share the highs and lows of building a business!


Our popular tech series is back! With more raw, unfiltered honesty as a new panel of founders and entrepreneurs share the highs and lows of building a start up business.

The start up scene isn’t short of people peddling their success stories. Every morning we wake up to a new ‘Linkedin lesson’ or humble brag.

Founders are too often given conflicting advice from those who’ve never actually grown a company. Growing a business is hard, the Founder F*ck Ups event series is about bringing us back to reality.

Hear from founders who’ve been there before and learnt their lessons the hard way. More importantly, listen to what advice they wish they had beforehand. There will be a strict ‘no bullsh*t’ and ‘no judgement’ rule, and hopefully everyone can enjoy some awkward stories we can all learn a little from.


Arrival & Networking
Welcome & Introduction
Founder Panel

- Ayan Mohamed - CEO of Digitech Oasis
- Bobby Thandi - Founder and CEO of XR Games
- Amy Whitell - CEO & Co-founder Collctiv
- Anna Sutton - Co-founder at The Data Refinery

Drinks & Networking


Bobby Thandi
Bobby Thandi
Founder and CEO
XR Games
Bobby is the Founder and CEO at XR Games; a multi award-winning VR and AR game development studio with over 100 members of staff. Working closely with AAA game studios, movie studios, and IP holders to bring world renowned IPs to life in VR. XR Games also works with the world’s largest publishers and hardware manufacturers such as Meta, PlayStation & Microsoft.Bobby himself has won an array of awards, including ‘Technology Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.
Amy Whitell Headshot (1)
Amy Whitell
Co-Founder and CEO
Amy is the 37-year old co-founder and CEO of Collctiv, which makes it easy for groups to come together and do the things they love. Since launching in September 2019, Collctiv has helped over 1.1M people collect over $71m of group payments, and is live in both the UK and the US. Prior to Collctiv, Amy was COO of an EdTech company, responsible for the digital production, international growth, operational teams and 600 staff.

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Start: September 10, 2024 5:00 pm
End: September 10, 2024 8:00 pm

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No. 1 Circle Square, Bruntwood ScitTech

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