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Former LADbible and 10 Downing Street comms chief goes it alone

Peter Heneghan

The UK Government’s former head of digital, Peter Heneghan, has launched The Future Communicator, a new communications agency designed to “empower business leaders to navigate a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges and become more visible and influential amidst digital disruption and generational workforce shifts.

These challenges include increasing burnout rates, staff unrest, disconnection due to hybrid work models and alongside generational workforce shifts and the rapid pace of digital disruption, they have made effective leadership more crucial than ever.

The Future Communicator aims to empower leaders to connect positively with employees, investors, stakeholders, and consumers, both digitally and in person.

Heneghan, who also served as global comms chief for viral content publisher LADbible from 2017-2019, surmises that one of the most powerful levers modern leaders can deploy within their own businesses is to place a greater emphasis on clear and effective communications, particularly in light of the increasingly hybrid nature of work, which should be be digital-by-default and may require multiple content approaches to reach and have impact with its intended audience.

The Future Communicator offers a comprehensive service to develop and execute a winning personal brand strategy for leaders.

The Future Communicator’s launch promo

The agency collaborates with in-house teams to develop a modern leadership communications blueprint, raise personal profiles, protect reputations, and equip leaders with authentic and memorable content. Services include digital-first media training, practical AI applications, LinkedIn thought leadership, and keynote speech production.

The agency has already started delivering practical AI workshops for the benefit of leaders and their in-house communications teams at large tech, media, and education organisations, with plans to expand this offering to other sectors.

It is also beta testing new communications technologies as they come on to the market, and hopes they will result in more impactful campaigns for clients and better employee and stakeholder relations.

“The Future Communicator instinctively understands the needs of modern business leaders and the challenges they face,” said Heneghan. “Our mission is to help leaders communicate with clarity and empathy, both digitally and in real life, so that they can shape their future story and achieve their goals.”

Immediately prior to founding The Future Communicator, Heneghan had served as deputy director of digital comms at 10 Downing Street and for the UK Government since 2019, including playing a vital role in the country’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under his watch, Heneghan says that the government’s digital communications became “more editorial, direct, audience-first, empathetic, and data-driven.” Henghan has also worked for BBC News, Channel 4 and BuzzFeed and is a previous winner of a prestigious Cannes Lions Grand Prix award.

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