Elmwood opens applications for consumer health accelerator

Simon Austin's picture
by Simon Austin

Leeds brand design consultancy Elmwood has now opened applications for entrepreneurs innovating in consumer health to join its 12-week accelerator programme.

Elmwood LaunchPod is open to entrepreneurs operating in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) and starts in June. It is looking for solutions to connect individuals with their health and change the dynamics of how we all engage the healthcare system.

Elmwood is looking for start-ups that apply creative or design-thinking to deliver consumer-centred solutions, as well as those that apply emerging technologies such as AI, automation, robotics and Augmented Reality to improve consumer health. 

Participants will benefit from a dedicated programme, receiving insight, mentoring and management support from a world-class community of specialists. Access to large corporate clients in the area of consumer health management will also be available.

Potential applicants are invited to attend an open event at 1 pm on Friday April 27th where they will receive an overview of the programme and a tour of the studio space in which Elmwood LaunchPod will be hosted. 

Steve Gatfield, chairman at Elmwood, said: “This accelerator programme arrives at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the digital economy, one where the potential of health data is self-evident and one where consumer trust is under considerable threat.

“In this next phase of the digital economy, how trust is designed in as an integral component of a product or service will be of utmost importance. Applying design- and systems-thinking, as well as designing trust into the essentials of the innovations we sponsor and support will be at the very heart of the Elmwood LaunchPod.”