Cyber tech firm launches in Pakistan

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Manchester’s VST Enterprises has formed a new subsidiary in Pakistan.

VST Enterprises Pakistan is a joint venture between founder, Louis-James Davis and British Asian FinTech entrepreneurs and brothers Shaz Sulaman and Ajaz Sulaman.

The brothers will lead its launch and growth into the country, with plans to develop relations with the Pakistan Government, NGO’s, corporate organisations, financial and banking institutions.

“We are delighted and thrilled to have both Ajaz and Shaz Sulaman working in partnership with us to launch VSTE Pakistan, they are a formidable team.  Their collective business expertise, tech knowledge and contacts in Pakistan will be of major strategic importance to our global expansion,” explained Davis.

"Pakistan is an emerging economy with a population of 220 million people and is a rapidly developing country in terms of technology adoption with a projected growth rate of between 5-6% between now and 2026. There are considerable opportunities for VSTE Pakistan to work closely with the financial services sectors, business, industry and The Pakistan Government with limitless opportunities.”

Ajaz Sulaman has almost 30 years years experience in rapid application development (RAD) and has worked with companies including JP Morgan, UBS, Credit Suisse and HSBC investment bank and BP Oil (Commodities Trading London).

“Pakistan’s tech sector is one of the biggest growth markets as the country embraces emerging new technologies. VCode® and VPlatform® technology will not only help develop and improve technology within the banking, Government and financial services sector, but will also help to tackle fraud, counterfeiting and piracy,” added Ajaz Sulaman.

“Fundamentally it will also be instrumental in empowering technology to the underprivileged and underbanked in the banking and benefit sectors.”

Shaz Sulaman started his career as a graduate trainer manager on the shop floor at Dixons Stores Group before becoming Regional Operations Manager for electrical retailer Comet. He later became Director of Sales at Phones 4U and in 2004 he was named Deputy CEO of private investor group Northway Investments Ltd.

“We are delighted to be forming a joint venture with Louis and VST Enterprises. These are exciting times ahead in the tech world, not only are VCode® and VPlatform® ground breaking in their technology, but the number of applications and areas that it can be used within are limitless,” he said.

“Rarely has there been a technology developed at the cutting edge of its field in cyber security that can be used in so many multiple applications across both the private and public sector. Pakistan is a huge growth market and has a substantial appetite and desire for cyber technology. Both myself and Ajaz believe VSTEP will be a huge success.”