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Coolbox films Unapologetically Bold Ambassadors

Alcohol-free spirit brand, Crossip, has released a series of films to appeal to Gen Zs and millennials.

It’s worked with Manchester’s Coolbox to produce the Unapologetically Bold ads, with the campaign aimed at those seeking alternatives to alcohol-based spirits.

“Choosing a non-alcoholic drink when the rest of your party is drinking is still considered a bold move, one that can often be met with questions and the occasional eyebrow raise,” said Head of Marketing for Crossip Drinks, John Logue.

“The Unapologetically Bold series is all about digging a bit deeper into this awesome brand and the team that created it. Finding more people that share those values and have engaging stories we can bring to life with the help of the fantastic Coolbox, has been a real privilege.”

The videos share real stories to “inspire and explore what it truly means to be ‘unapologetically bold’.”

“Crossip is the first ‘no and low’ drink brand we’ve created content for,” added Coolbox Studio Founder, Marc Grundy.

“They’ve got a really unique approach to their product, and the team gave us a fantastic brief to get our teeth into.”

The first 3 episodes feature a mixologist, business founder, musician and photographer.

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