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Claire Quansah goes it alone with Quansah Consulting

Claire Quansah

Claire Quansah, former head of client and business development at Social has set up her own consultancy to support small and medium comms and creative agencies with their operations needs.

Quansah Consulting will advise growing agencies on how to improve their ways of working across processes, people development and marketing, on a flexible or project basis.

The consultancy, which proposes to help ‘ease the growing pains of fast-growing agencies’, will focus on helping those businesses to achieve three things – quality, consistency and efficiency.

Quansah previously held the role of Red Havas’ operations director where she was client lead for consumer and B2B brands including Greggs, Pets at Home and Sodexo. She is an advisory board member for BME PR Pros and The Blueprint diversity mark, as well as serving as a mentor and tutor for The Xec leadership scheme.

Talking about the launch, Claire said: “We’ve seen a number of small creative and comms agencies struggle to keep up with the growing operational needs of their businesses. As they grow, they need to establish clear processes for their teams to adopt.

She added: “Unfortunately owner/managers don’t always have the time or headspace to resolve this themselves, or the resources to hire full-time ops leads, which inevitably leads to gaps in quality and frustrated employees. My goal is to help these agencies become well-run engines in the background, so they can focus on delivering great work, great client services and great employee experiences which will in turn help them to attract great clients.”

In addition to ongoing consultancy work, Quansah Consulting also offers training and workshops to equip teams with the skills needed for good operational performance.

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