The Skinny, which lays the claim to be Scotland’s largest entertainment and listings magazine, is planning to launch a dedicated monthly magazine for the North West this April. The core editorial focus will be on Manchester and Liverpool and the company's plans are ambitious as it intends to hit the streets with a monthly print-run of 34,000 copies.

I'd only been in the country 72 hours. Three days after landing back in England following 12 months working as chief sports-sub on the Bangkok Post, Steve Hanrahan, the senior editor at Trinity Mirror Sport Media in Liverpool, walked over to the drinks machine – where I was battling jetlag with a much needed cuppa – and handed me the professional opportunity of a lifetime just seconds after joining the company.

The Manchester Evening News has announced that a revamp of its website is soon to be launched, not normally the sort of thing to trigger an online protest to the news desk and complaints across social media so what's going on? The MEN's first online editor Sarah Hartley offers an explanation.

ITV Granada’s ‘Party People’ returns this Thursday night (17 January 2013, 11.45pm) with its presenter, Rob McLoughlin, warning that the road to the 2015 General Election is likely to be bitter. He also suspects there will be no televised leaders’ debates this time around and that the North will become a critical battleground.

RoutledgeSo, just what is it about the

I’ve been in communication agencies all my working life, in fact I’ve just set up a new one so it may seem a little odd to suggest that the model is at risk, but it is.  It’s not just the agency mo


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