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Dom Mernock of Engage says brands need to be more like David in a world of Goliaths and consider different ways to make them stand out.

Joining Onyx Health in 2016, Trevor Pill rose through the ranks to become Executive Director and co-owner at the agency.

Charlotte Boerescu‑Kelly, GO!

The impact of the pandemic has changed what it means to run a great pitch - Charlotte Boerescu-Kelly of the GO! Network explains how agencies can make the most of it.

Leif Radford, Associate Director at The Candidate , explores precisely how businesses can retain talent beyond salary, perks or power.

Laura Mashiter founded Refresh, the Manchester-based PR and communications agency, in 2009.

Alex Jungius, Distorted

Alex Jungius, Owner & Director of Leeds-based content agency Distorted, says the change in audio consumption trends has big implications for brands.

Jane Slimming and Lisa Lister of Culco

Agency owners must understand what they can learn from COVID and implement a company culture suited to the needs of a post-pandemic workforce.

Carolyn Hughes

Carolyn Hughes has served as a freelance PR consultant for 12 years, and runs Breathe PR.

John Keating is the founder of Altrincham-based digital marketing agency Dark Horse .

Laura Burgess, The Armstrong Partnership

Employers need to understand the variety of ways they can support entry-level talent, says Laura Burgess, Commercial Director at The Armstrong Partnership.


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