Where We Work: No Brainer, Warrington

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No Brainer is an award-winning PR, social media and content marketing agency based in Warrington, which uses storytelling to capitalise on online and digital media.

The agency's mantra is inspired by left brain and right brain thinking, with the left side of the brain focused on intelligence, analytics and strategy, and the right-side covering creativity, ideas and emotion.

This balanced approach has enabled the No Brainer team to deliver campaigns and projects that are built on a foundation of data and brought to life through imaginative and thought-provoking ideas. The office has been modelled around that concept too and is part of the Bruntwood Works portfolio.

We spoke to Lee Cullen, Co-founder and Director of No Brainer, to hear his thoughts on their office...

“Year-on-year, we’ve continued to up our game as an agency, so it was only right that our working environment did the same. This space allows us to make our clients and visitors feel at home as well as ensuring the team have everything they need to be creative and productive with designated meeting spaces and areas for brainstorming and entertaining.

“When clients or new business prospects step into the office for the first time, they’re always impressed by the space we’ve created. It reflects who we are as an agency and it’s a space that the whole team enjoys being in.”


"The left side of the office is all about creativity, ideas and fun"

Where is it?

Quayside, Wilderspool Business Park, Greenall's Ave, Warrington, WA4 6HL

How big is it?

Quayside is a 1,632sq ft recently-refurbished office block which is now home to a range of businesses from plumbing and heating specialists to banking companies. The building also features a relaxed meeting area with a coffee shop on the ground floor.

The site was originally home to a Victorian brewery, Greenall Whitley’s, and is made up of 30 other businesses spanning from music production to law. On site, we’re constantly taking part in a range of activities and events, from wine tasting, cooking competitions, networking, or Fika, which encourages people to take time away from their desk and share a cup of tea.

What happens there? 

We really wanted to create a space that reflects the many wonderful personalities we have in the team. Our aim was to create a space of productivity, but also a place that breeds creativity and collaborative working.

" Our aim was to create a space of productivity, but also a place that breeds creativity and collaborative working"

We designed our office to reflect our left-brain, right-brain mantra. The right side of the office has been designed to encourage thought, logic and processes, while the left side of the office is all about creativity, ideas and fun!

Throughout the office design process, we wanted to make sure the team have everything they need to continue doing a fantastic job, but we were also really keen to create an area within the office for the team to relax, socialise and entertain. We spend more time at work that we do in our own homes, so our aim was to create a place where people just love coming to every day! Nobody really ever wants the ‘Sunday dread’.

What sort of work goes on there?     

Since moving into the space, the No Brainer team has doubled in size and the company has gone on to win multiple new business pitches.

Since moving in, the No Brainer team has doubled in size

The open plan space means there’s a great atmosphere and a real buzz around the office, with different teams working on multiple campaigns. From account team catch-ups in the sofa area and client meetings in our boardroom, to someone tucking into their lunch at the bar watching Netflix or enjoying a game of pool, we’ve created a space with multiple areas to enjoy both work and play.

Who works there?

There are 10 members of staff at No Brainer, including the owners and directors, account managers, account executives and office staff.

Thanks to the environment we’ve created here, we find that our clients always want to come to us for meetings and, since moving into the space, our office has also recently been dubbed online as “Warrington’s coolest office”!

Customer story: No Brainer

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