About Synergist

Synergist is agency performance management software. It’s ideal for all agency types, and is shaped to individual agency needs.

Synergist helps agencies who want to grow smoothly and safely by enabling them to get to grips with the overall agency management. Enjoy a calmer, more strategic approach to delivering great, profitable work.  

Synergist's integrated nature eliminates data re-entry and allows you to benefit from live information. So you can report instantly and accurately on metrics such as work in progress, billing and profitability.      

Dashboards give each team member an instant window to the areas that matter to their role, be this looking after the agency overall or managing specific projects. You get an instant KPI check on your area – with alerts to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. So common agency problems such as over-servicing are much more easily identified and plugged.      

At the heart of the system is drag-and-drop scheduling, which integrates with timesheets (for completion in one click), estimates and capacity reporting. And Kanban boards can be configured to suit your chosen project management method.    

Synergist supports over 500 of the UK’s leading agencies. They tell us it’s helping them get to grips with everything from better team decision making and collaboration, to deeply understanding the financial side of each job for increased profitability and stable growth overall. 

Steven Clarke, Finance Director

I used to have to sit down the account managers every month and ask questions like 'why is this job over?' It took an enormous amount of time and we only found out what was really happening after the event. Synergist makes it so much easier, my month-end has been cut in half. If Synergist was somehow taken away from us, it would be worse than having a fire. 

Lis Anderson FCIPR, Director
The Ambitious Consultancy 

Synergist has given us visibility of all areas of the business from leads, clients, projects and resources to the financials. Being able to review the overall performance of the business, for me, is the best part. We’re now able to access in-depth, more accurate data quickly and easily. So, we can forecast and plan more effectively and make more informed decisions across the business.