About Shoot the Moon

What we do is simple. We. Create. Engagement.    

We’ve been working with brands to tell powerful stories since our inception 23 years ago.      

Everything we do starts with the brand - whether we’re creating it, refining and positioning or executing and managing, we’re well versed in taking your brand where it needs to go.    

We have a reputation for delivering intelligent creative and optimised engagement across a wide range of media. We’re guided by insight, fuelled by creativity.    

We are Shoot the Moon.      

Shoot the Moon is part of a collection of studios spanning the North - STM, E&B, JGM.



Meet the Team: 

Julie Ayton
Client Services Director
Matt Driscoll
Head of Artwork
Phil Marshall
Managing Director
Oliver Zebedee Howard
Creative Director
Laura Nuttall
Marketing Manager
Rob Stafford
Financial Director
Laurie Foxon
Head of Social Content
Steph Mansfield, Catalogue Editor

Having worked with Shoot the Moon for many, many years now, I feel like the team are part of our extended Lakeland family.

Visit our dedicated Food Photography website to see more of our award winning work

Tim Dowling, Head of Digital
Pets at Home

Keep on doing what you do! It’s your creativity and your campaign management that keeps us coming back.

Jane Rylands, Head of Marketing Communications

I am constantly impressed by their creative vision, execution and standards they work to.

Theo Van der Lugt, Sales Director
Alpha LSG

A creative, responsive and very reliable business partner; always flexible and responsive to short lead-time requirements.