About Jaywing

Everything is changing. Our real-time world is unpredictable, complex and relentlessly challenging.

Certainty is rare, and increasingly valuable. It takes a different kind of agency to deliver immediate results and long-term business growth.  

At Jaywing, we’ve made it our mission to help clients establish concrete foundations in a world of shifting sands.

As a data-powered integrated agency, we bring together the best minds in data intelligence, creative engagement and channel performance to uncover unique insights that enable smarter outcomes.

The result? Better performing, effective solutions that create certainty, maximise opportunity and eliminate chance.

Ekaterina Rozanova, Global EDGE Brand Manager

 One of the best agencies to help translate brand strategy into innovative and impressive assets.

Meet the Team: 

Andrew Fryatt
Chief Executive Officer
Caroline Ackroyd
Chief Financial Officer
Maria Vardy
Managing Director
Brian Taylor
Managing Director
Ben O’Brien
Managing Director
Catherine Kelly
Managing Director
Neil Roberton
Data Science Director
Karl Stones
Creative Director

Jaywing showreel

Karl Boyce, Head of Digital & CRM
Domino's UK & Ireland 

Our partnership with Jaywing has meant that within PPC, our UK team are outperforming all Domino’s markets across the globe.

From a foundation of audience insights; our teams collaborate to bring ideas to life and solve complex brand problems.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the work we’ve recently produced.

Phil Batty, Director of Marketing, Communities & Legacy
Hull UK City of Culture 2017  

We’re delighted with the outcome and brand expertise that Jaywing brought to bear on this project. The UK City of Culture provided us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase the unique cultures and diversity of Hull, and Jaywing’s work continues to see the city grow and evolve.

Matthew Hanson, Head of Marketing

We appointed Jaywing because of their vast experience in data analysis and cutting-edge creative, helping us to determine the needs of our consumers and translate that insight into meaningful brand experiences.

Niyazi Kamisli,Exec Vice President of Global Marketing

It is a great pleasure to work with the team and we're happy with the commitment and the strong results. The team shows outstanding operational excellence and strategic expertise.