About House

Moving Brands To Where They Want To Be    

The idea of commercial success is changing. To move forward, brands need to anticipate change and become culturally relevant. At House, our ideas shift opinions, nurture relationships and capture the zeitgeist. Whether its pioneering new approaches for the freefrom market, building market share for housebuilders or making meaningful connections for utility providers, we have the strategic and creative nous to enable good brands to do great things.      


Our philosophy is simple. Find something new to say and discover new ways of showing it. That way, people will notice you. Better still, they’ll respond to you. They’ll smile, like, click, visit, share and buy into your brand. That’s why we have a happy habit of achieving success for our client partners. To move up, simply move in with us.    


As a leading independent agency we’re not tied to a global network with all the expensive baggage that entails. Because our business model is more allied to pragmatism than egotism you’ll find our prices are grounded in reality. Unlike big agency networks, we can make a lot of relevant noise with a relatively small budget.

As the world turns, people move. At House, we specialise in creative and digital solutions that move people towards your brand.

Meet the Team: 

Christine Colbert
Managing Director
Nick Connors
Digital Director
Gary Colbert
Creative Director
Jake Williams
Senior Account Manager
Joe Kennedy
Group Account Director
Sasha Lowe
Senior Account Manager
Caroline Finch-Denham
Account Director
Nicol Pomfret
Account Executive

Ideas that move people

Adam Hunter, Commercial Manager

A good year! Our online sales are up 37% YOY, and we are 20% ahead of target.    We did a record £90k in sales in one day!  

Sam Benjamin, Brand Manager
Too Good To Be Gluten Free

WOW! Really pleased with what you’ve presented, it’s exactly what our brand needed.  

Is your brand ready to move yet? Check out our results-focused ‘Move Model’

Mark Gould, CEO

You really got under the skin of my business!