About Brandon

We’re Brandon Consultants, a creative design agency that specialises in refreshing established and iconic brands for growth. We help businesses exploit the power of brand by ensuring it plays a meaningful role in people’s lives.

We believe that all brands should review and refresh themselves regularly to stay relevant. Great brands create relevance fit for the future. You can be the brand that refreshes and creates that future. Or, you can be the brand that the future happens to.

Brands are the icons that shape our lives: touchpoints and logos, packaging and advertising, moments and movements. They are about the people who love them, leave them and tell stories about them. Brands, like people, have to constantly look in the mirror and evolve, or stand still and get left behind. We make sure they still mean something special in our hearts and lives.

We review and refresh brands regularly, creating renewed relevance fit for the future.

Brandon Consultants 2018 Showreel

Meet the Team: 

Richard Taylor
Managing Director
Simon Ellis
Client Services Director
Abi Taylor
Creative Director
Simon Foster, Sales and Marketing Director

We had a tricky brief. The in-house design team and corporate culture was deeply entrenched in its retail past despite the fact that over 100% of the profit was generated from wholesale products. Brandon’s work was critical in building confidence in the Thornton’s stakeholders, and the especially the customers, that a sustainable, profitable and relevant role for Thornton’s in the confectionary category was possible without becoming unrecognisable to its loyalists. Brandon identified, extracted and developed loved icons from the mass of tactical design ideas they found within the overly complex retail store range and precisely repurposed it for success in the brutally competitive grocery wholesale channel. The relaunch was successful commercially, but maybe the biggest compliment to Brandon’s work is that, 2 years on following acquisition by Ferrero, that the original designs live on in store today.   

Daniel Fonseca European Marketing Director
Nomad Foods

Working with Brandon on the packaging redesign for Coated Fish and Fish Fingers was an absolute delight. The task ahead of us was quite significant, as the brand had been declining fast, especially in the UK, but fortunately the results overcame even our most optimistic estimates. The ability to understand the briefing and the fundamentals of the products (coated vs battered fish) was key in Brandon, making the work a true partnership with challenges on both parties, that were essential to get us to excellence. Also, it’s never enough to praise the ability Brandon showed to deal with multi market reality and help bring on board the specific needs at a local level, whilst maintaining the overall consistency for the brand. It wasn’t the first project with Brandon, but probably the most demanding, and the outcome was nothing short of brilliant!  

Vincent Huinck, Director Global Marketing & Business Development

Working with Brandon is always a pleasure and meeting them the most fun part of my week. They always go above and beyond the brief, landing on new thinking and ideas at warp speed and then staying one step ahead of my busy team to deliver effective brand solutions. In my role its vital that I surround myself with people that I can trust to deliver each and every time. I’m lucky to have Richard and the team by my side and the best compliment I can pay them is they are now alongside me once again in my new role.