About Banana Kick

The Banana Kick way.... .

..we think marketing needs to make people feel something – especially in today’s busy world. We’re all bombarded with messages and information from the minute we wake up. So to stand out, to be appealing, to be remembered, you need to go one step further.    

That’s why we focus on creating memorable marketing experiences at every opportunity. Moments large and small that reach out and touch people, stir emotions, and reiterate that you’re the brand for them.  

We’re specialists in sports, leisure, retail and experiential marketing. We've worked in them for years and we know them inside out.  And love the challenges they present


Meet the Team: 

Gary McCall
Richard Flaherty
Jamie Ferguson
Laura Alderson
Head Of Digital
Barney Wilcox
Account Director
Sara Webb
Group Account Director
Phil Curry
Head Of Production
Nick Sankey
Account Director
Dave Lambert
Studio Director

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Memorable marketing that covers everything from strategy to social to sponsorship