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Member of the Institute of Fundraising


Member of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK)


Member of the Helplines Partnerships

About NABS

If you work in advertising, marketing or media, NABS is here for you. Through good times and bad, we’re here to get you through all of life’s issues, in and out of work.

Want to build a network? We’ll connect you to the industry.

Aiming to be your best work self? We’ll develop your skills.

Need a listening ear, a friendly face, a confidential chat, some money advice or some help with your mental health? We’re here for that too.

NABS is your charity, generously funded by the industry. Thanks for having our back; we’ve definitely got yours.

Need A Bit of Support? NABS.


Meet the Team

NABS, Nigel Redman, 29Nov2019, ©BronacMcNeill
Sue Todd
Kate Harris
Regional Director
Nicky Harris
Nicky Harris
Commercial Director
NABS, Nigel Redman, 29Nov2019, ©BronacMcNeill
Lorraine Jennings-Creed
Director of Culture Change & Wellbeing Services
NABS, Nigel Redman, 29Nov2019, ©BronacMcNeill
Annabel McCaffrey
Head of Support
1st floor, 8 Smart’s Place., London WC2B 5LW, UK


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