She was once derided as “too common for telly” by her own bosses, but McGovern’s broad Teesside tones have not stopped the 32-year-old becoming one of the corporation’s most recognisable and distinctive journalists.

Any remaining concerns over her suitability for the high-profile role of BBC Breakfast business presenter need only glance at a CV that reveals a good decade at the coalface of financial journalism. She was the lead producer on the Today programme soon after graduation and as producer for Evan Davis, the then BBC economics editor, had a front-row seat as the financial world collapsed in the late 2000s. For three years she was also the lead business news producer on the One, Six and Ten O’Clock bulletins, and since 2012 has also been a main relief presenter on the BBC Breakfast sofa.

With Stephanie Flanders now departed and McGovern clearly popular with BBC chiefs and viewers alike, you suspect this former Irish dancer may be stepping her way to the top of her chosen tree.