After joining Latitude in 2002, 40-year-old Gregory held a plethora of roles – account director, head of production, head of search, new business manager and chief operating officer – before becoming managing director when Alex Hoye left in 2012.

His time at the company will have given Gregory a good seat on the rollercoaster that Latitude became in the late 2000s: after rapid growth had delivered sales of £59m by 2008, it suddenly collapsed in January 2010 having lost £10.3m inside 23 months and accrued debts north of £20m. Gregory was himself a casualty financially and was the only former management shareholder to remain with the company, which was only saved thanks to a pre-pack administration. It was subsequently bought by data company Callcredit Information Group.

Things appear much healthier now, with turnover growing to £24m in 2013 and staff numbers back up to 125, mainly based in Warrington but with other offices in London, Dubai and Kaunas. Gregory is also a founder of the SAScon conference.