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York stonemason partners with ‘digital preservation platform’ to create hi-tech memorials for loved ones

Mindful Memorials, a fourth-generation York master stonemason and memorials business, has announced a partnership with social enterprise After Cloud, the digital preservation platform and company behind the tech for the Monument to Imagination statue of Dame Agatha Christie, that enables people to store and retrieve life moments and memories in multimedia formats.

Working alongside families that want to add greater personality and meaning to the memorials and gravestones that they choose, Mindful Memorials will provide customers with the option to incorporate a digital timeline into their designs.

Timelines give people chance to reflect on moments that have shaped a family member or friend’s life using images, letters, audio and video. Applied chronologically, these assets are used to produce an interactive and multisensory narrative that can be shared using a simple QR code and provide an opportunity for subjects to live on long beyond their death.

Managing director of Mindful Memorials Anna Buckley said: “The simple fact of the matter is that people don’t know what options they have when they are designing a memorial. As a business, we give our customers the time to reflect and to think carefully about the details that made a person so special to them.

“We see the Timelines as an extension of this. It’s a wonderful way to capture moments in time and to share them with family, friends and even those that have never met the individual. The fact that a simple QR code can deliver a multisensory experience is just incredible.”

CEO of After Cloud Darren Evans added: “When we met with Anna and the team at Mindful Memorials, we were captivated by the similarities in our approach. It is our mission to ensure the unique life stories and legacy of those that have passed can be preserved for future generations.

“Unlike our ancestors before us, we have access to digital technologies that can capture moments in time. This means that we can pass on stories in multimedia format, ensuring the personalities of our loved ones are never forgotten.

“Timelines are a really simple way that people can adapt a memorial to include memories and moments in time. We are very excited by the opportunities that this partnership presents.”

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