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Wise Owl makes Amanda Owen farming series


Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen is hosting a new series about the UK’s farming industry.

Made by Leeds-based Wise Owl Films, Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives, will air on More4.

Over the course of the 6 episodes, Owen will visit a number of farms that have diversified to make a living. She’ll see those which have been passed down through the generations, and some which have been taken on by families totally new to rural life.

“This series will show what life’s really like for farmers in 2022. To the outside world, it might seem like some farmers have it made, with large plots of land and expensive machinery but, as ever, the truth is much more complex,” she explained.

“I want to explore just what it means to be a farmer today, in a world where so much more is expected of us than ‘just’ being food providers. Along the way I know I’m going to meet some extraordinary, dedicated people and hear some incredible stories in the most beautiful of settings.”

Mark Robinson, Creative Director of Wise Owl Films said it was a “celebration of Britain’s farmers and their contribution to all of our lives.”

“Just like everyone else, they are affected by what’s going on in the world around them – whether it’s the real-world economics of something like Brexit, climate change, or challenges that have been more personal and even closer to home.”

The series was commissioned by Jo Street, Head of Daytime and Features and Jayne Stanger, commissioning editor, Daytime and Features. The series producer is James Knight.

“Amanda brings all of her farming and TV experience to this fascinating and celebratory new show. I’m delighted she is bringing her charm and warmth to More4 where I’m sure our audience will adore following her adventures on amazing farms around the country,” said Stanger.

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