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What sort of teenager were you? Find out here


13-icon-1How did you spend your teenage years? The coolest kid in class or that one that never seemed to be quite in the same place as everyone else?

It’s a time to think you’re incredibly individual and, of course, extremely interesting and to mark the company’s own entry into the teenage years, Manchester’s Brazen has launched a Teen Quiz online game.

Hosted on the ‘13’ Magazine section of Brazen’s website, the app features a series of short questions and multiple-choice answers to give players a candid assessment of what kind of teen they used to be – from the ultimate rebel to the school swot.

Brazen founder Nina Webb said: “We’ve been around 13 years and much has changed in this industry, but Brazen’s sense of humour is undiminished and we wanted to share it in a fun way that offers rewards to those who get involved. It’s ten questions, it takes two minutes, and you can win free stuff from Kylie Minogue concert tickets to an i-Pod touch or a box of doughnuts. What’s not to love?”

To play the app head over to

….and in case you’re wondering, rather sadly, I came out as ‘the archetypal, stereotypical teenager’. I guess that’s another way of saying ‘average’. So much for teen individualism.

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