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Wave sends postcards to fight plastic pollution


Sustainable phone case brand Wave is giving away free biodegradable phone cases, in a bid to help people make the switch to a more sustainable choice.

With 1.5 billion phone cases thrown away each year, phone cases contribute to the ever growing plastic problem, and with the new iPhone 14 on sale, how many more are going to be thrown in the trash?

The brand sent the postcards to over 600 journalists and media organisations to raise awareness around the plastic problem, whilst also offering a free, biodegradable Wave case.

Founder of Wave, Ross Longhorn, said: “Growing up in Hartlepool, I witnessed the effects of plastic on our oceans firsthand, and this is what drove me to start Wave. The aim of this campaign is to bring to the forefront the impact a small phone case can have on our planet, offering a solution to this problem. Our aim at Wave is to make a minor change to your everyday life, but make a major change to your plastic consumption, one biodegradable phone case at a time.”

The postcards, it should perhaps be noted, are made from recycled materials and can be 100% recycled. North East-based Wave is a sustainable phone case and accessories brand, trying to encourage change one biodegradable phone case at a time.



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