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Vypr presents: The ultimate Christmas 2022 Countdown


Manchester-based product and consumer research and intelligence platform Vypr has put Christmas to the test, grilling its 65,000 strong community on their favourites in some key festive categories.

The digital intelligence platform counts household names such as Marks and Spencer and Co-op among its client list, so while its results can’t quite be considered the “official” best of Christmas 2022, they’re coming from a solid place.

Vypr asked its community in a monadic test to rate how appealing they found a selection of this year’s festive offerings – here’s what you need to know to make sure Christmas goes with a bang:

Christmas ad

Christmas ads have become as much a part of the festive season as overpriced set menus and dreary relatives repeating the same story that comes up every year after one too many sherries.

The annual debut of the John Lewis ad in particular has become an annual must-see event right up there with the King’s, formerly Queen’s, speech. But would this year’s ad top the charts with Vypr’s survey?

Sainsbury’s closed out the top 10 in 10th place with a 59 per cent approval rating, though we suspect that was mostly for the medieval arrangement of Wheatus as the ad itself is interminable.

Numbers nine to four, in ascending order, were taken up by Morrisons, Waitrose, Tesco, McDonalds, Asda and Lidl before we reached a top three of:

  • 3) M&S 73%

Dawn French is back as Fairy for M&S this year, and she’s brought Jennifer Saunders with her as trusty sidekick Duckie to achieve a respectable 73 per cent rating from Vypr’s panel.

  • 2) John Lewis 75%

John Lewis has been pipped at the post. Marie Claire magazine went so far as to call the retailer the official brand of Christmas back in November, but they may be ruing that call as this year’s skateboarding foster dad could only manage the runner up slot in the big Christmas rundown.

  • 1) Aldi 80%

Aldi may be considered a budget option next to the M&S and John Lewises of this world, but Kevin the Carrot more than holds his own in the ad stakes. The loveable legume has smashed it out of the park this year with 80 per cent approval from Vypr’s panel.


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Kevin the Carrot topped the Christmas ads

Christmas drinks

I must confess that personally, prior to this report landing in my inbox I’d never considered the concept of a Christmas drink, and now I’ve been forced to I’d probably plump for something like a hot toddy or sherry. Vypr, of course, is concerned largely with brands, so it was looking for something a little more specific. Here’s what was floating the panel’s marshmallows this year:

  • 3) Starbucks Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate 9%
  • 2) Costa Coffee Toblerone Hot Chocolate 10%
  • 1) Costa Coffee Terry’s Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate 16%

We assume the low approval ratings are down to the fact that plenty of other people had also never put much thought into the notion of a Christmas drink rather than any great slight on the chocolatey goodness on offer. Frankly a Terry’s Chocolate Orange can never be a bad idea, so congratulations Costa.

Costa Coffee and Terry’s won the drinks title

Most desired presents

And so to the category that parents will be dreading most – which lucky manufacturer has managed to implant the seed of pester power most successfully this year? Perhaps unsurprisingly, this category featured plenty of responses – there is, after all, so much out there a 10-year-old could desire.

More surprisingly, given the amount of time, effort and money corporations dedicate to winning over tiny minds, brands were not a major feature, with generic requests more common.

Football kits ranked seventh with a 15% rating, probably predictably with the unseasonal World Cup front and centre though, like the England men’s team, some way off top spot. Tech fared well, with tablets and phones rating 23% and games consoles 20%, and clothes and footwear came a respectable fourth with 29 per cent. The big top three, however, was:

  • 3) Lego 30%

The popular building toy, and nemesis of bare parental feet, was the only brand name among the top-placed requests, although it’s fair to assume plenty of predictable names featured among phones, consoles and football kits too, but the results weren’t broken down.

  • 1=) Arts and crafts materials/Sweets and chocolates 31%

It seems the nation’s children are as partisan as US politics in 2022, with an even split for top spot between those who aspire to be the next Jackson Pollock, or Shopify craft billionaire, and those with a simpler desire to stock up on sugar as the cold weather bites.

Sweets were tied for top spot

So there we have it, your almost-definitive guide to this Christmas, according to the Vypr community. Merry Christmas!

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