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VibePay launches business payment facility


VibePay is opening its direct-to-bank payment platform to businesses.

The operation which was born out of VibeTickets has moved £3m in payments, since its launch in October last year.

The company says that by opening up its APIs to companies, it will reduce friction and fees, with “tailored technology to support subscriptions.”

“VibePay has a strong vision, and a genuinely exclusive proposition for businesses who are trying to engage with Gen Z. With experience in both consultancy, and business development, I’ve seen how this struggle can impact brands, and offering a totally new solution is a really exciting prospect,” explained newly appointed Head of Commercial Partnerships, Kieran Bamber.

“Our subscriptions API is particularly unique, with Generation Z embracing subscriptions culture more than any other age group. Being able to see, monitor, and permit standing orders through our app gives consumers more financial control, and businesses can make significant savings on those payments. It really is win win.”

The North West company had planned to launch the operation later in the year, but brought it forward due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“By launching our latest products, we’re not only helping brands sharpen up their payments processes and boost their cash flow, we’re helping them deliver what their target customers want,” added Luke Massie, CEO & Founder.

“We’re not just another payments provider, we’re giving brands invaluable insights into who their customers are, where they shop and how they spend to offer tailored discounts, targeted offers, or related products and stay one step ahead.”

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