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Unblocktober aims to save sewers and seas


Digital marketing agency, I-COM, is behind the first national campaign to save sewers and seas.

Working with Lanes Group, it has designed the month-long, government agency-backed Unblocktober. It aims to raise awareness of the damage caused by flushing and pouring dangerous items and liquids down drains.

“Lanes Group witnesses the damage caused by the nation’s careless treatment of drains and sewers first-hand every single day – the company estimates that it works on 400-600 fatberg-related projects each month,” said Graham Allchurch, Head of Digital Marketing at I-COM.

“But putting dangerous items down the drain doesn’t just affect our vital sewer network, it also leads to plastic pollution in our rivers and seas, which is currently at the forefront of the public’s attention. 

“Unblocktober, therefore, aims to solve not one, but two critical environmental issues in one go, by driving small but impactful behavioural changes in the British public.” 

The multichannel initiative includes a new website and a resource pack.


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