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True North rebrands building trade supplier


True North has completed the rebrand of building trade company, TIMCO.

The Manchester agency was originally briefed to develop its portfolio of sub-brands, as part of a national expansion strategy.

However, following in-depth research, True North advised it to take a simpler approach and instead invest in its main TIMCO brand.

“Our approach is to make brands work better by helping clients to understand the importance of aligning their brand strategy with their business strategy. The insight gathered is critical and, on this occasion, it meant suggesting a different approach, which helped to focus the client’s investment and, ultimately, saved them time and money,” explained Ady Bibby, Managing Director of True North.

“It became clear that the TIMCO brand already had powerful traction and equity in the trade, inspiring as much fondness for the trustworthiness of the business itself as for the robustness of its products and the quality of its customer service. By contrast, retailers were largely unaware of the sub-brands, even if they stocked them.”

The Chester based business takes its name from founder Tim Midwood and was previously known as T I Midwood & Co and later, TIMco.

The new logo is based on a stencil typeface built from modular components that animate in digital applications.

Building on its established ‘toolbox red’ as a primary brand colour, True North added a grey and white palette for the range.

“It shouldn’t be underestimated how complex the stakeholders within a successful family-run business can be,” added Charles Du Pre, Head of Marketing at TIMCO.

“True North’s collaborative approach helped guide us through it, reminding us just how valuable the TIMCO name was. They provided genuinely exciting insight and a creative solution that has thrilled us and our customers.”

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