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Tony Bellew gets so angry he wants Rocky Balboa’s job

Bellew, Stallone and Jordan

This weeks’s episode of 5 Live and BBC Sounds podcast Tony Bellew Gets Angry sees the Liverpool-native former boxing world champ make a surprise offer to step into Rocky Balboa’s shoes.

The former WBC Welterweight World Champion and avid Everton FC fan offers to train Creed III star Michael B Jordan for a real-life fight in which he would “smoke some of these fields on the YouTube circuit” in the show’s latest episode.

Bellew returns to the big screen as ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlon alongside Jordan and Sylvester Stallone’s Balboa, Jordan’s on-screen trainer, in the third instalment of the Rocky spin-off franchise this weekend, and the real-life boxer reveals in the show how impressed he was with Jordan’s training.

“When I come home I always get asked questions ‘what’s Michael B. Jordan like?’ I genuinely and truly believe I could train you for the fight and you would win, would be no question,” Bellew reveals during the podcast. “You took to boxing really quickly. Considering you’ve never been punched in the face before, from a professional boxer, and to have someone, literally, within a couple of centimetres come past your face and there were times when you didn’t flinch, there were times when you would roll with it and time it and do things. I genuinely think you could have a fight and win. The question is, Mike – would you do it?”

Jordan almost seems to be tempted by Bellew’s suggestion, though he ultimately backs down, dismissing his thoughts as “the lunacy of actors.”

The exchange makes up part of a fascinating conversation between the pair, who have clearly built up a strong friendship over the course of shooting the Creed films together.

Bellew doesn’t specify any particular YouTube fighters he has in mind, though the likes of KSI and Logan Paul might like to get Jordan’s agent’s number stored in case the Prime Energy hype dies down.

Creed lands in UK cinemas this Friday, March 3. The new episode of Tony Bellew Gets Angry lands on BBC Sounds at 1pm tomorrow, Wednesday March 1.

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