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Tatton Studios plays starring role in new Tolkien film


Cheshire-based Tatton Studios features heavily in the new Biopic Tolkien, which is being released in the UK on May 10th.

The film stars BAFTA-nominated actor Nicholas Hoult and tells the story of the author’s early years and how he came to create his iconic works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The first trailer has been released this week.

Producers at Fox Searchlight handpicked Tatton Studios as one of their key locations, with war scenes being filmed on one of its 24-acre backlots and interior shots being filmed in its green screen studio.

The Studios, based in Altrincham, played host to a cast of 150 WWI soldiers, 30 cavalry horses and a 300-strong crew, which included a dedicated SFX team to manage activity.

The Tatton team also called on Ashley-based Location Buddha, who facilitated shooting at the Studios, and Wainwright TV and Film Services to help build outdoor sets.

Charlie Greenstein, Head of TV and Film at Tatton Locations, said: “Having such a high-profile production on-site was a truly fantastic experience and helped cement our reputation as Manchester and Liverpool’s backlot.

“Thanks to our countryside setting, there’s enormous opportunity for film makers to think big and see us as a major player when looking at options for locations and studios.

“With Tolkien, our huge hardstanding car park and showground were perfect for the crew to set up a feature film production village, while Showground Four was used to recreate the Battle of the Somme. Our North Range workspace was transformed into a base for the costume department and Ashley Hall was used for a production office.

“This was our biggest production by far and it required a tremendous amount of forward planning to ensure we put our very best foot forward. We know we have a truly unique location to offer producers and we’re looking forward to welcoming future productions to our studios.”

The crew were on-site between September 2017 and January 2018 and filming included a re-enactment of the Battle of the Somme, with producers staging massive explosions and bringing in stage rats to help bring the trenches to life.

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