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Tangerine launches always-on B2B audience research tool


Tangerine has launched Trade Insights, a new B2B research and strategy development platform which enables marketers to quickly gain bespoke insights on the behaviours, attitudes and preferences of targetted professional audiences.

The platform has been created with the goal of supporting B2B organisations in developing more relevant and impactful brand and communications campaigns. Working in partnership with a range of online professional communities and networks, Trade Insights provides an extensive data pool that can be segmented into specific audience groupings and tapped into to uncover the latest trends and opinions on key industry issues.

Initially, the platform will focus on built environment sectors, with a combined database of over 100,000 construction professionals across disciplines and job roles.

Creative comms agency has Tangerine created Trade Insights from the ground up to support B2B marketers who struggle to gain robust insights and data on the niche audiences they want to target when developing comms strategies. Unlike traditional marketing research tools, the platform provides instant access to an always-on network of respondents allowing for transparent, real-time responses and quick turnaround research outputs.

Following a pilot phase to test and refine the platform with existing clients, Tangerine is now officially launching Trade Insights to the wider market.

Barry Maginn, B2B business director at Tangerine, said: “The idea with Trade Insights isn’t to replace what market research agencies do. Instead, it’s all about creating a fast and effective tool that taps into established networks and communities to deliver valuable insights to shape and fuel communications campaigns and brand development projects.

“We’re offering B2B marketers a way to really understand crucial things like what their audiences care most about, how they learn and share within their profession, what their ‘social currency’ is and what appeals and doesn’t appeal to them.”

Tangerine is now looking to widen its portfolio of online community partners to encompass additional industries and will be assessing market demand for the platform to prioritise which sectors to focus on next.

Find out more on the Tangerine PR website.

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