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Stockport utilities specialist acquires workforce management software provider Insiris

Stockport’s OCU Group, a leading service provider in the utilities and energy sectors, has acquired Preston-based Insiris, a provider of workforce management and automation software.

The acquisition bolsters OCU Group’s client-focused business solutions, reinforcing its commitment to safety, innovation, and operational excellence across its client base in ower, telecoms, water and transport.

The acquisition also enhances OCU Group’s capacity to deliver elevated levels of safety and operational value, particularly by integrating Insiris’ workforce management tools, real-time data analytics and automation capabilities into a unified, safety-focused platform.

Michael Hughes, CEO of OCU Group, said: “Incorporating Insiris into our service offerings is a leap forward in our commitment to safety and operational excellence in the critically important utilities and energy sectors. Through this acquisition, we are elevating our capability to provide an integrated, advanced workforce management solution.”

Graham Billsborough, group CIO of OCU Group, added: “Insiris has excelled in leveraging technology to elevate workforce capabilities. By seamlessly integrating these technologies into our existing service framework, we can offer a more comprehensive solution that bolsters operational control and safety.”

Matthew Summers, co-founder of Insiris, said: “Joining OCU Group—a key player in client-centric solutions for utilities and energy—opens up incredible possibilities. Integrating our workforce platform with OCU Group’s dynamics finance & operations system will significantly enrich both operational and financial dimensions of workforce management.”

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