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Starting them young: Manchester City unveil new nine-year-old stadium announcer

At Manchester City vs Brentford last night (Tuesday February 20), the club welcomed apprentice announcer, nine-year-old Nate, who joined Danny Jackson in the PA room.

Nate is a lifelong City supporter, like generations of his family, with his grandfather attending games throughout his life and his mother’s family all City supporters.

The young fan announced the Manchester City team sheet ahead of the fixture, prefaced by a video on the in-bowl screens introducing Nate to the crowd.

Matt, Nate’s dad, initially wrote to the Club in October 2023 highlighting his son’s unique love for announcing – hoping to encourage his son. He highlighted his son’s obsession for watching the matchday announcer and the repetitive manner of his practicing, which had developed over a long period of time.

In response, Nate received a birthday note in late 2023 before joining the team at Manchester City vs Huddersfield to shadow the announcer. Since then, he’s been practicing ahead of his return to Manchester City.

He practices at least twice a day and his favourite activity is to watch videos of the tunnel cam on repeat – announcing the arrival of the boys in blue.

At home, Nate has his own announcer kit, with a microphone and glowing speaker, which he prepares for each game.

Nate’s dad Matt said: “I wrote an email into Manchester City and I’m sure they get thousands and thousands of emails asking for tea with Erling Haaland and things like that. But, Nate’s obsession with announcing is really unique we thought, and we wondered whether he could observe the stadium announcer in action so he almost realises this dream of becoming the stadium announcer.”

He added: “City, to their credit, got back to us and said – let’s make it happen. We just wanted him to get a sample, but he’s actually going to get to do it. As parents, for us its just a dream come true”

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