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Soreen Screams for Halloween with CheethamBellJWT


CheethamBellJWT is working with Soreen to market a seasonal range of Halloween products called Scream.

Soreen Toffe apple loaf pack Hi res OHThe Manchester agency created the brand name and identity for the products, which include Toffee Apple and Chocolate flavours.

“The fact that Soreen allowed us to be involved so early on in the NPD process was a great opportunity and because we were working with a client who is always open to pushing the boundaries we’ve been able to produce a really powerful creative idea.”  explained Liz Jacobs, head of brand, CBJWT.

As Soreen’s digital agency CBJWT has been producing teaser posts on social media before the new flavours were revealed.

“We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and excite shoppers and our limited edition range is the perfect solution,” added Lucy Ardern, assistant brand manager, Soreen.

“The investment in the new limited edition product reinforces Soreen’s commitment to offering shoppers more variety in-store as well as helping to add to the Soreen Lunchbox Loaves remarkable 81% year on year growth in the convenience snacking sector.”

Asda will have the exclusive on the new product, before they’re distributed to other supermarkets.

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