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Social media and TV stars share darkest online secrets in BBC Bitesize film


Lizardfish TV has completed a new series for BBC Bitesize, where celebrities reveal the “deepest, darkest secrets” about their online mishaps.

The Confession Pod is part of the Other Side of The Story campaign, aimed at young people to raise awareness around the potentially harmful ways we consume content and news online.

“We know teenagers are really curious about what’s going on in the world but with the explosion of social media there are so many voices, opinions and agendas that they’re also really confused about who to trust,” said Andrew Swanson, Executive Producer for the BBC Otherside of the Story.

“Other Side of the Story is important because it aims to help young people be more curious and critical about what they’re seeing, who it’s come from and why it’s been created. The Confession Pod is a great way of letting them know they’re not alone in getting confused or falling for fake news.”

Among the celebrities are Zara McDermott, Wes Nelson, Dan Rhodes, Miah Carter and Russell Kane.

Manchester-based Lizardfish filmed the show around a futuristic, free-talking, operating system called Nova. They described it as “a little bit like Siri with attitude.”

It was produced and directed by Amee Fairbank-Brown.

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