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Sky News editor on how Coronavirus has changed news broadcasting

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Ben Monro-Davies, the editor of Sky News’ Sunrise, has talked about how Covid-19 may change the way that broadcast news is reported.

He was taking part in a Q&A for Manchester’s Broadcast Revolution, where he answered questions from the PR community via Skype.

“What will happen to broadcasting after Covid-19 is a very interesting question,” he said.

“Certainly for the first time in my career, we’re almost exclusively doing Skype interviews. Will that change our standards? Will we become more accustomed to that? It’s certainly allowed us not only to cope with the virus, it allows us to to get much better guests on.

“For example when we had the Olympic story, we had Seb Coe, we had athletes, we had the Japanese Prime Minister all because we were happy to do Skype and they were happy to do Skype.

“Anybody who tells you, in any industry, that they know what’s going to happen after this crisis I believe is making it up.”

He said that since the virus, viewership was “through the roof” and they’d “never seen anything like it” with digital rises even more significant.

Munro-Davies, also answered questions about what stories are worth pitching – and those worth avoiding. You can watch the full video below.

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