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Skiddle launches major music and events industry mental health survey

Online ticketing platform Skiddle has launched what it claims is the UK’s most comprehensive survey to date on the mental well-being of professionals in the music and events industry.

Announced as a follow-up to an industry-first study conducted among event organisers back in 2018, the survey aims to highlight the new challenges facing the community in the wake of the pandemic and amid the ongoing cost-of-living crisis.

The survey will be supported by a long list of prominent mental health charities and ambassadors, the likes of Music Minds Matter/ Help Musicians, Music Support, Manchester’s Headstock, Bristol’s Thrive At Night, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA), the Association for Independent Festivals (AIF), the Association for Independent Promoters (AIP), the Association of Electronic Music (AFEM) and the Music Venue Trust (MVT).

Specifically targeting venue proprietors and promoters of gigs, club events, and festivals throughout the UK, the data collected will be used by Skiddle and its partners to identify the regions and locations in the greatest need of mental health support.

Insights will also be compiled and transformed into a range of valuable resources, such as white papers, freely downloadable handbooks, guides, and additional materials. These resources will offer practical guidance to industry professionals on how to manage their mental health and will be distributed to align with this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, taking place from Monday the 13th to Sunday the 19th of May.

Duncan King, Head of Festivals and Partnerships at Skiddle, said of the joint research project: “We are proud to partner with esteemed mental health charities and organisations to conduct this groundbreaking survey on the mental well-being of music and events industry professionals. By better understanding their challenges, we can work together to provide much-needed support and resources to improve mental health outcomes across the industry.”

“We’re delighted to lend our support to this fantastic initiative and are looking forward to working closely with other organisations and charities across the sector to improve the mental health support and services on offer.”

Atheer Al-Salim, founder of Manchester mental health charity Headstock, added: “The music industry has always had to shoulder a disproportionate level of mental health issues compared to the wider population, but things are now at a crisis point as a result of the global pandemic and subsequent cost of living crisis.

“The landscape has changed, which is why the mental health industry survey being launched by Skiddle is so vitally important as we look to understand the new challenges facing professionals across our industry. We’re delighted to lend our support to this fantastic initiative and are looking forward to working closely with other organisations and charities.”

Anyone struggling to cope with their mental well-being and needing support, can text the word ‘MUSIC’ to 85258 to receive free and confidential support, 24/7.

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